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VGA Capture - VGA2USB Frame Grabber

VGA2USB Frame Grabber

VGA2USB Frame Grabber

Epiphan’s VGA2USB external frame grabber is a compact device capable of capturing VGA output signal and sending it over USB 2.0 to recording device. VGA2USB can capture direct VGA output from any computer (PC, MAC), any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) without any need for software support at a signal source.
VGA2USB can also capture VGA video data stream from non-PC equipment, such as radars, medical and other specialized devices equipped with VGA output.

VGA2USB does not require separate power source as it draws power from USB connection. Equipped with all necessary cables and software it is perfectly suitable for VGA data recording and archiving. VGA2USB software installed on destination (capture computer) allows periodic “save mode” of VGA frames, as well as saving VGA Video signal stream as a movie.

Designed and manufactured by Epiphan SystemsVGA2USB supplied with Software SDK making it possible to integrate device with proprietory applications and customize capture algorithm.

VGA2USB supports QuickTime (Mac OS) and DirectShow (Windows) standards which opens extra possibilities to integrate it with existing free and commercial software tools.

VGA2USB is suitable to record special video sequences, capture video from secure computers (that do not allow installation of any software), record and archive VGA signals from non-PC equipment.

Meetings and conference recording, technical support services, web based training, products and services demonstrations, research and custom system development – are just few of possible applications for versatile compact VGA2USB external frame grabber device.

VGA2USB Connection Diagram:


VGA2USB Connection Scheme

VGA2USB Connection Scheme

VGA2USB Software screens – Windows and Mac OS:

vga2usb_windows_software_icon vga2usb_mac_software_icon